Excavations at Kondapur (1940-42)

The excavations was taken up by the Archaeological Department of Hyderabad State in 1940. The excavations revealed much dilapidated structures, both religious and secular made of bricks and mud mortar. The bricks were made of coarse granular local soil, which is decayed laterite with smooth sides. In the enclosure wall the size of the brick is 22”x12”x2.5” and in small rooms it is 17”x 8” x 2.5” (sometimes 3” thick).  At corners of houses square bricks are used. Traces of stupa, vihara and chaitya halls and underground chambers were brought to light. A large number of antiquities such as sculptural fragments, coins, beads and terracotta figurines, besides, a wide range of pottery and other objects assignable to the early centuries of the Christian era were also found.